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Vehicle Tracking Features

Vehicle tracking is a feature whereby you can locate the position of your vehicle at any time of the day or night. It is a feature that has been employed by many organizations and also people in the general public. GPS devices can be installed in any vehicle so that they can be located easily. Continue reading “Vehicle Tracking Features” »

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Vehicle Tracking Laws

It is generally accepted that employers can track their vehicles to ensure that their drivers follow company rules; the issue arises when they are not informed that a tracker is on their fleet vehicle. It is very important to inform an employee that his vehicle is being tracked as this is a breach of privacy. Continue reading “Vehicle Tracking Laws” »

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Vehicle Tracking Employee Rights

As long as the employer dose not breech privacy laws it is within the law to track his fleet vehicle at all times. Some companies have managed to save thousands of pounds in preventing the misuse of their property. Work vans are particularly at risk of being misused with increased wear and tear and damage. Continue reading “Vehicle Tracking Employee Rights” »

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Get Affordable IT Monitoring Software For Your Company

Companies today are adopting newly intelligent ways of enabling their workforce more efficient and productive. Company tracking software makes it possible to spot where your company is losing the most resources in terms of cash and time both in the office and on the road. Continue reading “Get Affordable IT Monitoring Software For Your Company” »

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Person Tracking

Debt jumpers are becoming a sad fact of life. We can help track even the most elusive of bad debtors to help your business. Continue reading “Person Tracking” »

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Trace Debt Investigation

Bad debtors are the bane of every money lender and shop keeper. We can help trace even the most elusive debtors, helping you recover your money.  Continue reading “Trace Debt Investigation” »

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Methods Of Surveillance Investigation

Surveillance involves following and observing the subject of an investigation. There are various methods that can be applied when collecting evidence on an assignment. The suitability of a surveillance method can be determined by factors such as the type of report required, type of evidence required, and legality of the methods in question. Continue reading “Methods Of Surveillance Investigation” »

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Covert And Surveillance Investigation Unit

It is important to ensure that as an investigator you remain invisible to your subject. When the person is oblivious of your existence the investigation stands a great chance of success. The subject will not be alerted to your presence and thus change any behaviours. In the quest of remaining invisible while still conducting the assignment private detectives employ covert surveillance means. Continue reading “Covert And Surveillance Investigation Unit” »

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The Primary Purposes Of A Surveillance Investigation

What is surveillance? This is the continuous monitoring of a person, place or object to determine the whereabouts, interactions or activities in a particular area. Surveillance investigation involves the use surveillance equipment to solve cases. Continue reading “The Primary Purposes Of A Surveillance Investigation” »

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Surveillance Investigation Services

This is an investigation technique that involves observation of a person, place or vehicles to determine allegations of illegal behaviour or activities. They can be electronically or physically carried out by a detective. Continue reading “Surveillance Investigation Services” »

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