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Private Investigators UK provides highly experienced and trained investigators in this regard. Our private detectives enable you to look into any missing or unknown assets that you think belong to you. Our highly proficient and skilled asset tracing team can ensure you in this regard. Our private investigators always try to give the best possible services to their clients.

There are thousands of reasons to hire a private investigator to trace an asset on behalf of you. If you are not sure the amount of your asset, then call our UK agency. There are other reasons behind it such as if you believe your loved ones are hiding assets from you or withholding assets during divorce or at the time of writing a will or assisting someone to write a will correctly, then you need to inform our friendly UK private asset trace team immediately.

So, call Private Investigators UK now to locate out the truth. You’ll get 25 years’ experience and can get the most effective UK Private Detectives operating for you.

Nonetheless sensitive or complicated your circumstance, we can be of assistance.


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Private Investigators UK: Asset Trace/Asset Location Case Study

An old aged man of about seventy five visited our amicable Private Investigators UK office. He expressed his desire to hire a private investigator to know exactly the amount of his properties and assets to write a will. And the client had been given the information about our private asset trace service by our previous satisfied client. The man said that he had vast scattered properties and assets which he needed to combine and wanted the total sum of it. He also told our private eye that he intended to accumulate the assets because he wanted to keep a will for his children. But he was unable to do that as he became old and needed some rest. That’s why he relied to our trustworthy private agency and required directions and management.

Our UK investigator started searching through the records of the family finances and the income records. Our friendly detective also collected all the data of the family properties. In the meantime, UK detective again suggested our client to hire an experienced lawyer to write the will. The old man did the same as directed and helped by giving important information about his assets. Our keen private eye gathered all the recent statements that pointed the stocks the man owned. UK private investigator made a balance sheet of the liabilities and assets of our client. Then all the assets were put together and the amount was checked by our client.

The old man was very pleased to see the work done properly and exactly that he desired. Then according to our investigator’s suggestion, the lawyer started to file all the assets into a will. Some days later the will was completed and signature by our client. It was also verified by our own private detective. The old man was very happy to complete his will and he released the breath of his satisfaction. He wholeheartedly thanked our Private Investigators UK for the service our skilled investigator provided. And he also promised to tell the service to his other friends.