Many times, marriages end in divorce. Emotionally, this is always a very painful and difficult time. However, both the spouses are happy to be rid of the marriage and generally in a hurry to wash their hands of the whole matter. However, some spouses unfairly use this to their advantage by hiding joint assets and ending up with the lion’s share of their assets. This is obviously very unfair to the other spouse. Since divorce is a time when there is no love lost between the two spouses, some people may be even more motivated to commit such slights.

What Should You Do

If you feel that you are a victim of non – disclosure of assets by your partner, immediately contact a private detective. Non – disclosure of assets during divorce proceeding is actually a very common phenomenon. Studies have estimated rates as high as 30%! That means three out of every ten divorce cases involve hidden assets. This is a staggeringly high number. Assets are often hidden by simply reporting lower that actual incomes and higher that actual expenses. Often, spouses simply undervalue their assets to reduce the amount they need to pay their spouse in order to equitably distribute their wealth.

What We Can Do

First of all, we see the tax filings of your spouse to check that all the bank accounts for which taxes are being paid have been correctly disclosed. We then conduct detailed analysis of the salary being earned by your spouse and the amount being deposited in the bank. If there is a large discrepancy between the two amounts, it could indicate a secret bank account where funds are being siphoned off to. We then conduct public records searches to check if your spouse owns or jointly owns any property that has not been disclosed. Finally, we check the overall finances to get a general picture of your spouse’s assets.

The Legality

It is illegal for your spouse to hide any assets from you during divorce proceedings. No matter how small or insignificant the financial detail may seem, everything must be absolutely open. Your spouse is legally expected to disclose all his or her assets in a financial affidavit with absolute accuracy. There are a large number of legal precedents where the spouse has been caught hiding assets during the divorce proceedings and received severe punishment for it. Thus, you should never hesitate to find out your spouse’s finances. The law is on your side.

Why Choose Us

We are a private detective agency that can run detailed checks and perform thorough investigations into assets being hidden. This sets us a class apart from our competitors. With a lot of experience, we understand exactly how and why spouses hide assets. Using this, we can easily detect where and which assets are being hidden. Also, thanks to our large experience in similar cases, we can often detect non – disclosure of assets by simply studying the financial statements of your spouse. You can never go wrong if you Private Investigators UK to find your spouse’s hidden assets.