Corporate assets refer to any and all assets owned by a company. These can be anything from physical to intellectual. Thus they encompass all items like equipment, furniture, patents, data, etc. These are strictly not for the personal use of employees, and only for the use of the corporation. Yet, many companies find that their assets get misplaced over time even from their own storage! Often, assets are lost during transit. This is a very unfortunate reality that the corporate world has to make peace with. However, contacting a private detective can end these woes.

 Importance Of Finding These Assets

These assets, lost due to various reasons need to be found. Obviously, the major motivator is the monetary aspect of locating the misplaced assets. This is because in case any expensive equipment is lost, finding it can prove to be a major cash saver. This is very important to help manage the finances of the company. Another important reason to find assets is that is the assets are genuinely lost due to, say an accident; they may be violating environmental laws. This is more likely to happen in case the asset is equipment. In case a battery is leaking acid into a river where it was misplaced, it can be in violation of many laws.

Asset Tracking

Asset tracking, as the name suggests, refers to the method employed to keep tabs on the location of assets at all times. With the advent of technology, these have largely become computer oriented and highly automated. The assets are bar-coded. These barcodes are then read by infra – red scanners that automatically enter their current position into a computer. Some advanced systems even use Global Positioning Systems to keep track of their assets. These coordinate data with satellites in real time to know where their asset is. However, considering the large number of misplaced assets, it is obvious that these methods are not a complete solution.

Why Hire A Private Detective

Hiring a good private detective can greatly help you locate your misplaced assets. Private detectives can conduct a physical investigation into the movement of the asset and determine exactly where it got lost during transit. Once this is identified, it is fairly easy to determine location of the assets. In case the assets are lost from storage, it essentially becomes a theft. Here, a private investigator can interview all the employees to get an idea of where the assets may have ended up.

Why Choose Us

Private Investigators UK has both the necessary skill and experience to track any misplaced assets. With a highly motivated team which has a lot of expertise in dealing with similar cases, we are definitely the go to people in case of any such problems. Our corporate investigations team is also rich in experience relating to embezzlement and fraud cases. Thus, we can easily spot when an employee is stealing from your company. We can then use our interview skills to get to the bottom of the mystery and discover exactly where your misplaced assets have ended up.