Entering into new contracts with a company is essential for the growth of any organization. To get any major work done, the typical procedure entails floating a tender which is bid on by relevant companies to provide the service at the lowest possible cost. This is a great way for the company that needs any work done to get the services it needs, and, at the same time, at an extremely competitive price. Unfortunately though, there are many unscrupulous service providing companies out there who bid on projects without possessing the actual capability to complete the requirements of the company hiring them.

Why Do A Background Check?

Hiring private investigators to conduct a background check before finalizing a contract with a company is a very good idea. It helps safeguard you, and your business, from such unscrupulous companies and individuals. These thorough background checks are essential to ensure that no company that bids on a tender is incapable of providing the services it claims to be able to provide. Especially in the United Kingdom, where the system of bidding on tenders is so prevalent, this is a very real problem. Luckily, the simple solution is hiring a great team of private investigators that can conduct a full background check.

Company’s Technical Expertise

We check a few key features of the company. First, we check the technical capability of the company. Apart from speaking to company executives, we actually perform site visits and see for ourselves whether the company has the installations it claims to have on ground or not. We also look at the workers it employs. Whether they are actually certified and qualified to do the job well is just as critical as the company’s existence itself. Both these factors go hand in hand. Typically, companies with excellent installations tend to have a high quality of staff.

Company’s Age and Experience

We then look at the company’s age and experience. The older a company, the more reliable it is. After all, any company needs good business to survive for many years. And a company only gets consistent good business if it is any good, itself. Our expert investigators dig into the history of the company and actually verify that it has been delivering to its customers as promised. We compile all these facts and form a view of the company. We present this to our clients with our personal observations about the company; leaving the client free to make any decision he or she chooses.

Financial Standing

Finally, we look at the financial history of the company. Essentially an extension of its age and experience, the financial history of a company will also only be good if the company has been in business for a few years. If this is not the case, the reasons for a poor financial history are investigated and followed up on. This indirectly helps our clients understand the capacity and calibre of the company. Naturally a company that demands payment upfront but doesn’t deliver is bound to have a number of lawsuits and other problems. No matter how well hidden, we’ll find them.