A supplier credit and background check can prove invaluable before entering into business with one. We can provide both.


Suppliers are extremely important for maintaining an import business. If your supplier goes back on the credit extended to him, you do not receive your products and ultimately, let down your customers. If this is a one – time occurrence, it may be excused, but unfortunately, bad suppliers have a habit of regularly defecting. This creates problems for you because you never have the goods you need to deliver to your customer on time and eventually, customers decide that you are unreliable and favour other merchants over you. Needless to say, this is an extremely big blow for any importer and is very difficult to recover from.

Supplier Credit Checks

Though a seemingly simple thing, a supplier’s credit check is a very powerful business tool. An accurately compiled credit check report can help you make a proper decision about which supplier you should choose. The credit check will have all the details of the supplier’s previous transactions and all his positive and negative credit. Based on the credit score obtained via this report, you can come to a firm decision about whom you should choose to enter into business with. However, it is very important that the credit report you commission be accurate. Thus, you should only choose experts to do this for you.

Supplier Background Checks

With the import export business, it is essential to take care about other factors like the general image of the supplier and his or her track record in dealing with other organizations. This is because the government can at any time shut down a supplier claiming a variety of reasons under non – tariff barriers. These can include charges as diverse as connections to criminal families. Then, by extension, your business too gets a bad name. Again, by running a timely background check, you can discover any peculiarities related to your supplier and avoid any problem altogether.

How We Can Help

We can easily conduct credit checks and background checks. We have a large amount of experience in consolidating such reports and can work fast and accurately. We usually start building up credit reports by running a credit check using information available in the public domain. We use tax filings to grasp an idea about the income and expenditure of the supplier. Based on this we start compiling a credit check and finally assign a credit score. For background checks, we typically interview past business partners of the supplier to get an idea about the supplier. This helps us build a solid background check on him or her.

Why Choose Us

As a premier detective agency, Private Investigators UK has prevented many an importer from being fleeced by an unscrupulous supplier. We have a highly experienced team with diverse backgrounds like data analysis and law enforcement. Thus, we always have an expert related to every field at hand. This comes in very handy. With a lot of experience, we are the agency of choice for a majority of clients who need a credit check. We are not limited by geographical constraints due to a healthy presence all over the United Kingdom.