When you make a decision to hire a private investigator, the first question you ask yourself is how much does a private investigator cost. The exact private detective charges vary on a case-by-case basis, subject to availability.

How Much It Costs To Employ A Private Detective

In order to find out how much it costs to employ a private detective, it is recommended that the customer contacts the agency beforehand, because each investigation is unique and it is often difficult to calculate the exact costs. The average rate for general investigations varies and cost may be depended on other factors; however, it can go up to £100 per/hr if, for example, the surveillance takes place at night or requires a team of two or more private detectives.

Hiring a private investigator to undertake an undercover investigation can cost around £150 per hour. Computer forensics investigations would also be paid for by the hour, starting from 150. If the case involves general surveillance as well as computer surveillance and forensic investigations, the costs will increase depending on the time spent on the case and its complexity. No matter what type of surveillance is conducted, the price should include written or photographic evidence of the work undertaken.

Save On Private Investigator Costs

If you’re looking to save on private investigator costs, you should seek an organization that operates on fixed fees – in most cases, it is a more cost-effective solution than paying per day or per hour. The services that can be offered by private investigators on a fixed fee basis as well as on an hourly basis are listed below.

The average fixed fees for basic tracing services, such as finding missing persons or property range from case to case, contacting private investigators can help them understand the nature of your case and the suitable cheapest costs.

Fraud investigations’ costs vary by the type of fraud. For example, insurance fraud investigations can cost, on average from £100 per hour or from £250 per day. Complex financial and corporate fraud investigations usually involve multiple methods of investigation and specialist equipment and would cost a minimum of £800.

Background checks are one of the most popular services amongst the private investigator clientele and prices vary depending on location and complexity of the subject. The rates are hourly, starting from £50 per hour.

Another fixed price service offered by private investigators is process serving. The price range is £80-150. The service can cost more if it involves extended traveling.

On average, private detective’s expenses are not included in the hourly rate or the fixed fee. They include traveling expenses, mileage, minor disbursements like beverages, specialist equipment and so on.

Generally, the cheaper Private Investigator is, the less likely he or she is to be a member of a professional body. What you’re paying for is the detective’s experience, professional standards and knowledge.