Some people ask why should they hire a private detective?

And how much dose it cost to hire a private detective? These people are the ones who are happy and in trusting relationships, this can be because they are a newlywed or a new business. After a period of time the trust starts to fade and one of the partners realizes that they need to find out what is going on. As they don’t want to confront their partners directly they decide to go behind their backs to hire a private detective. This is one of the many reasons why anyone would want to hire a private investigator.

As you could be facing this decision you would want to know how much it would cost to hire one as you don’t want to be conned out of your hard earned money. The price of hiring a private investigator varies due to:

Case To Case Costs

The private investigator costs varies from case to case. When you approach our company to use our services you should know that each case is different and that we charge accordingly. There are many cases that we investigate for example we have matrimonial cases – to find out what your spouse is up to; background checks – these done when you want to know more information about a certain employee or partner that you are looking to hire or work with; missing person cases – where a loved one has gone missing or you are looking for your birth parents; and surveillance cases – this is when you want to know what a person is doing. All these cases have a different cost attached to them.

The most common request is matrimonial cases. These cases are becoming more and more popular as English couples are practicing more infidelity and the rate of marriage failure is at 40%. The cost of this case varies from area to area as case like this in London will naturally cost more than one in Manchester (in most cases).

Type And Location

As we have mentioned that the costs of the cases vary according to type and location, you should also know that there are standard fees that we charge before we start an investigation. The charges are: minor disbursements – this is the cost of beverages that our Private Investigators need to drink when they are following someone in a bar or coffee house; the investigator’s travel time – that is to and from the starting location of the operation; mileage costs; client reporting – this can be done through verbal or written communication; client liaisons – this is all the telephone conversations that you may have with us; and lastly set up fees – this includes mounting recording devices and recording our suspects activities.

Solving Cases

The last cost that you should consider are solving cases costs. This cost is variable as there are times when we set out to do our work and we are not able to solve the case and bring you the satisfaction that you are looking for.