It is important to understand that for one to seek the services of a private investigator, they need to know how much it costs to hire one. This enables one make a choice depending on how serious they want a case investigated by a private detective or how much they are willing to spend in order to have their cases investigated. There are a number of factors that will determine the cost of a private investigator.

One can never just find cheap private investigators by looking from a general outlook.  This is because there are other factors that affect the cost of carrying out investigations which in turn increase the cost of carrying out an investigation. The average private instigator fee is estimated ranges from case to case. Other factors that may however determine how much a private investigator costs include:

The Levels Of Skills

Just like any other profession, private investigators sharpen their skills with years of experience and the type of specialized training they may have under taken. As a result more skilled investigators will cost more than one who may have practiced for a few years.


Location is one such way of determining how much a private detective is to be paid. The location of any business entity contributes to the high cost of operating a business, which eventually affects the cost at which the services are to be discharged to its clients.

The Investigation Process

There are a number of expenses incurred during an investigation process and these include the cost of fuel that is to be consumed when carrying out an investigation, background checks, tracking devices, surveillance equipment, affidavits and so on. These are some of the areas in which the costs of private investigation come in.

Missing Persons

Private investigative activity can be very intense. This may require the private detective to travel many miles away in order to find a missing person by following the leads given and hence applying their intelligent skills to locate the missing persons. And as result the cost is also affected.

Cheating Spouse

Gathering evidence on a cheating spouse requires that a private detective sometimes trails the suspect, perhaps almost every move they make, which means a lot of resources are required on the case and so on.

The private investigator cost is charged depending on the above mentioned and they can either charge a customer on hourly basis or per day. This means that every hour that a private investigator is given a responsibility, a client has to pay for these services. There are agencies that would opt to charge a client on daily basis. It is important to note though that this may change depending on the nature and extend of the investigation because of other emerging costs.