There are quite a number of places in today’s world were the services of private investigators are necessary. While many tend to generally attribute their services to conducting polygraph examinations, private investigators are usually more encompassing. Putting a private investigator in a room with a polygraph machine is just one aspect of what they actually do; office related work. When they are out in the field, these private investigators bring out another arsenal of talent. They are good with surveillance, tracking and tracing, court matters, etc.

Too often many people are of the opinion that it may cost more to hire a private investigator because of the depth of investigation they perform. In all honesty, this is not true. Private investigators render different services and the cost is dependent on the combination of certain factors.

Making Payments

A majority of private investigator firms in the UK accept payment through conventional channels. One can make payment for services using Credit/Debit Card. This could either be Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro cards. Some firms also collect cheque but would only begin working on a case only when the cheque is cleared. If cash is available, private investigation firms would accept and issue you a receipt after proper documentation. Even if the client is not within the city at the moment, bank transfers are also a possible option. All one has to do is to call the private investigation firm and request for their banking details.

Kinds Of Investigations

As earlier mentioned, the cost of hiring a private investigator would depend on several factors. One of such factors is the kind of investigation to be carried out.

  • Surveillanceusually this would require a lot of time out of the office. Private investigators are trained to stay hours and work odd hours when conducting field work in general. The nature of the surveillance to be carried out would also play a role in the overall cost rate that a client would be charged.
  • Process service – this service a fixed rate fee which includes mileage, statement of service or a sworn affidavit, travel time (as the case may be), return delivery within 48 hours.
  • Tracing – depending on the circumstance, private investigator can help clients trace and help find missing people.
  • Fraud investigationthis service is usually charged on an hourly basis. It is best that a client calls the private investigation firm to confirm on charges. Corporate and agencies are usually the kind of clients that need this service.
  • Background checks private investigators can easily help find information on employees or prospective clients. Working closely with the police departments and law agencies, they could get access to information an average citizen cannot reach. This too has a unique charge.
  • Court document collection – as long as the court is within the UK, a good private investigator can be hired to help collect sensitive documents from the court. This usually has a fixed price.

The services rendered by private investigators include all of these and many more. To get the exact charge rate of a desired service, it’s best you put a call to their office for clarification.