Hiring a private investigator isn’t always easy, especially now that we have so many of them here in the UK. Sometimes we can’t just help but imagine how much it could cost us to get the right private investigator for each of our investigating tasks. Many private investigator recruitment agencies may even charge you more than you think you should be charged, but I will be taking time to analyse some of the best price rates for all your needs and what you should be expecting to get from a professional private investigator. But before we talk more about the topic, I think you should be well aware of some things private investigators will always do for you and some things they can’t do.


  • Surveillance,
  • Wiretapping,
  • Videotaping,
  • Background research,
  • Investigation of crimes.


  • Arrests,
  • Interrogations,
  • Hacking

Now that we know some things a professional and law abiding private investigator will do will help us not to expect too much from them. A private investigator tries his best to get information through the acceptable channels; even if it gets to a point whereby he may see a need to get information through another means, he hands the case over to the right authorities to handle rather than to get it through force.

Average Fees Of A Professional Investigator

Our professional private investigators are tested in the field of private investigations. In contrast to some private investigators who may want to sell information to people, we have a set of private investigators that will not be unfaithful to your agreement.

The rate at which a private investigator charges largely depends on what is required for the job. Just as we mentioned, your job may be one that demands lots of traveling, and in cases like that you may need to pay extra to the private investigator. Our private investigators ensure that all expenses that are incurred while following a lead or investigating a case are well documented and they are presented back to you for verification.

Private investigators also have the option of either charging hourly or fixed rates. If your job demands that a private investigator has to travel for long, he may have to bill you a fixed rate rather than an hourly rate. Some private investigations may demand that our private investigators stay outdoors at night and even stay with unknown set of people for a long time; in cases like that, you may get billed before the investigations starts, and any other expenses will be well documented and presented to you as soon as the task is accomplished.