A lie detector test is actually the polygraph test done by expert professionals to sort out the lie and the truth within a person. Our expert Private Investigators are the best in UK. Our firm is one of the oldest and leading firms who provide affordable private detectives.

Private Investigator License Costs

The cost of private investigator license is quite reasonable. It is not given to anyone who wants it. But our agency has a valid license due to our expert hands who are extremely qualified in this field.

When you know your spouse is cheating and you need to find it out, you need to hire a Private Investigator. The cost is low in case of hiring a private investigator in UK. Usually we are performing the polygraph test in your place. We provide results on the examination date too or as early as possible if there is any problem found during the test.

It is our duty to provide the best service to our customers. Our examiners are highly qualified and certified from the American institutes. They will go to your preferred place and perform the tests.

Our private detectives are the most expert in the whole of the UK. We can assure you the secrecy and the high potentiality of our private detectives in the UK. They have higher degree on this polygraph test and they know how to find someone. The amount of money it takes to hire such a helping hand is not pretty much with consideration to the service.

A Private Investigator does not simply do his job. He is well paid. It is not needed to pay the investigator directly. Our commercial business is not only to make money. It is to make sure that our every client is satisfied with our service. The salary of the private detector is paid by the company. All you need to do is to hire us for solving your problems.

Hourly Basis

You need to understand the service he or she will provide, most of the time they will require a partner for security purposes. There are also some investigators, who work on hourly basis. They take the charge as per the hours he or she worked on a fixed rate.

Our expert investigators will go to your house, your office or you can come over to our office if you want some privacy. We do not show results to anybody else than the examinee. We do not have any hidden charges. We also help people consulting about the solutions to their problems. We do not charge extra money for the legal advice given to you. Because we believe that it is our sacred duty to help you get out of the problems.