Many people nowadays turn to private investigation to get to the bottom of matters. Whether it is to find a cheater, a cheating spouse, for commercial purposes, to find someone who is lost, or to find out more about someone’s past for marriage purposes, private investigation helps cover a whole array of areas.

As a result, many opt to go into the private investigation line in order to make a full-time or even a part-time career off of it; the fees are surely lucrative and appealing.

The Costs

How much does it cost to hire a private investigator? The fees are truly no joke. Most people would be unable to afford a private investigator with their own money. The mean of the private detective fees is contingent on the number of hours, formalities required both before and after the actual investigation, and the type of investigation needed. Each and every investigation is unique and is based on different circumstances and situations. It is best that the client speaks to the service provider before deciding on which service to avail for their particular case.

Typical Price List for Private Investigator Services

Please note that for each of these services, relevant papers may be required. Prices may vary from organization to organization, and these prices are a rough average of what UK Investigator Services may charge:

  • To keep under surveillance: Per Agent, the price is £45.00 per hour (subject on assignment – minimum hours will apply). The price includes all reports, photographic footage, and DVDs as applicable to the case.
  • Process Service:Fixed fees are set for this, which include the time required to travel, mileage, and the number of attempts for the service in hand. A sworn statement of service or affidavit and return delivery is available within 48 hours.
  • Court Document Collection: £65, the collection is arranged from any office or court in the UK.
  • Trace and Serve: £65
  • People Search and Tracing Individuals:£155.00 – £225.00 (contingent on situations).

No Trace No Fee – £155.00 – Set fee

  • Fraud Investigation: Normal rate: £45.00 on hourly basis.
  • Financial Investigations:UK Asset Investigation/ Sweep £850.00 – £1250.00
  • Background Checks on Individuals:£285.00
  • Enquiry Agent Services:Door Knocks and Verbal Enquiries, rates vary.
  • Meeting/Consultancy Rate:£125.00 on hourly basis.
  • Vehicle Tracking(Inc Removal and Deployment): £550.00 for 7 days, £700.00 for 14 days, and £900.00 for 28 days.
  • Bodyguard services/Close Protection: £45.00 on hourly basis (minimum hours may apply).
  • Counter-Surveillance Sweep/debugging: Fees start from £550.00, increases according to the circumstances

Agent to agent rates for other tracing agencies or private investigator costs are also available upon request.

These prices are exclusive of the vat, which is presently set at 20%.