A private detective is the informal name given to private investigators; PI and private eyes are some other names people call private investigators. Here in our country, you may be considering getting the services of a private investigator to do some of your fact finding assignments, the first or second thing you are most likely to put into consideration is the cost of hiring one, and another is the hope of hiring the professional and the most skilled for the required work. You will be seeing the typical rates of our private investigators below, but in some cases, you may need to put a call through to us, as that will help us evaluate your need, it may not even cost you as much as the rate and it may cost you slightly higher than the rate, but irrespective of your needs, this article will give you an idea of what you can expect to pay per private investigator.

Note—the cost of private investigations are different from one to another, a private investigation is being billed after considering four things:

  • The need for any special equipment for your investigations,
  • The number of investigations that your case requires,
  • Were the investigation takes place (either far or near and the cost of getting to the location).
  • And when the investigation takes place (daytime, evening or through the night).

Infidelity Surveillance

In cases where you require the services of our private investigators in confirming if your suspicions about your mate’s indiscretions are true, we generally offer our services and we charge you based on the period you need the service. In most cases, we can’t determine how long it will take to report our findings to you due to the movement of your spouse, sometimes we just survey them for less than three hours and we get you your video and picture proofs and in some cases, it may take us up to a week to be able to return to you with any result.

Tracing Birth Parents

Tracing birth parents may require more of desk work and less of field work for our private investigators. We get all the necessary information that a person may have about the parent and we start investigating and comparing it with the data on the database. When we are certain that we have found the person, we take time to still study and survey this person to be sure that we are meeting the right person. After we may have found the person and we are sure that she or she is the right person, our experienced private investigators carefully and courteously introduce the two parties and provide the evidence that they are blood related.

Fraudulent Employee

When your employee is claiming to be sick, and for some weeks he absents himself from work in a bid to get his sickness benefits, you may decide to involve a private investigator.

You should keep in mind that private investigators will always do their best in every situation to find the truth; you should also know that additional costs may be required anytime, but you can be confident that you will get the value for your money.