Ever wondered how much hiring a private investigator is going to set you back financially? Well, there has to be a cost that is accompanied with the investigative services of our private detectives, but what really determines the cost of each investigation?

To begin with, our private detectives do not charge a consultation fee. Once you feel that you need to talk to our investigators, they will be more than willing to listen to you, at no cost. Investigations cost start from the beginning of the actual investigation to when the final report is delivered. So what determines the UK private investigator costs?

The Type Of Job Investigated

Private investigator fees UK is largely factored by the type of investigation you require our detectives to carry out for you. As we all know, there are some investigative tasks such as surveillance which can be carried out without many complications. These types of jobs always attract a cheaper cost as compared to other investigations such as analysing the financial records of a firm.

The Duration Of The Investigation Will Take

The time taken for different investigations usually varies. There are times when investigations will takes several months or even years whereas others can take days or weeks. The longer the duration of the investigation, the higher the cost the private investigator will be charged. However, our private investigators UK will always advice you on different ways that we can carry out the investigation so as to reduce the time and also minimize the cost incurred.

The Nature Of The Job

This is in terms of the way the investigation will be carried out, that is, whether it will be on hourly basis or just a flat rate. Again, the nature of how the investigation will be carried out depends on the type of job at hand. Some clients prefer the hourly basis while others tend to go with the flat rates. Our clients always come to an agreement with our private investigators at the time of consultation.

What Are Some Of The Fees That Are Involved During Investigation?

This is usually very different from the fees that the private investigator will charge for the service. However, it also tends to determine the fee paid to the investigators. Private investigation fees that are incurred include transport and accommodation, equipment fees among others. The type of investigation, say surveillance, will determine the type of equipment’s used and whether the detective will require accommodation.

Terms Of Payment Of Private Detectives Fees

Our UK private investigators always seek to make the clients as comfortable as possible and this involves asking them to use the means of payments they are comfortable with. The means of payments we accept include the use of credit cards, cheques and PayPal. Your financial records will be secure with us just like the final investigative report.