In the past few years the demand for the services of good private investigators has increased. Accordingly the interest for that profession has also increased. People tend to show a lot of interest in obtaining a license and getting a job as a private investigator.

It’s not very clear whether they do it for the thrill the job brings or the good pay, but either way they want to do it.

Private Investigators Salary

The salary of the private investigators varies, depending on the circumstances and the qualifications of the individual. Although some private investigators earn less than others still the salary is enough for a decent life. Those private investigators that don’t have a lot of experience or knowledge in relevant areas are more likely to get a lower salary. However, having in mind that the hourly fee for the services of a private investigator is around £60- £70 per hour, and the fixed fee starts from £65 and above you can get an idea of the money they can earn. These prices usually refer only to the actual services of the private investigators. If they need to use additional equipment the price will increase. Also if you are planning on hiring more than one private investigator then it might end up costing you a fortune.

Fixed Price Services

The fixed price services usually refer to circumstances where other forms of charging could not apply, such as in cases involving a missing person. The price for these cases is agreed upfront and it covers the entire period until the person is found or the investigation is terminated. The hourly fees are usually applied to infidelity cases, and similar, where the minimum of 6 hours must be respected.

Daily Fee Services

Certain agencies and private investigators offer their services for a daily fee. The daily fee is determined by the factors mentioned above and it usually starts from around £299 per day plus VAT. This price involves only one private investigator and minimum to no equipment. If the case is more complex it would influence the price.

Average Salary

From the rates presented above you were probably able to get an idea of the average salary that Private Investigators have. The lowest salary for somebody who has no experience would be £15,000 per year. Once they gain some experience and build a reputation the salary can increase up to £25,000 per year. And if they decide to invest in themselves and decide to obtain a degree in forensic science, law or other relevant fields then they can earn up to £100,000 per year.

The way to the top is full of thorns but it will pay off eventually. This is a risky job that requires a lot of effort and sacrifice but it can be a real treat for somebody who is not a real fan of the desk jobs. On top of that the salary is pretty good and for those who really want to advance in their career it can be a gold mine!