The answer to this question can be a deciding factor in hiring a private detective, but the truth is that it is very hard to establish average private investigator fees. The nature of the customer inquiries varies considerably because each case is different and the costs of the services, therefore, also vary.

Contact The Agency

Nevertheless, you can consult the firm’s website for a private investigator price list that details the fees for certain professional services offered by the agency, such as surveillance, commercial background checks, tracing, etc. It is also a good idea to contact the agency directly to confirm the prices. Prices of private investigation services outlined in the price list might also include additional costs outlined below.

Private investigator price list would help you answer the question “how much does it cost to hire a private investigator”, although it would be hard to determine the exact costs incurred in your particular case before your first consultation, during which you can discuss the relevant private investigator costs.

How much do private investigators cost is, as stated above, a question the answer to which would depend on your particular circumstances, as well as the experience of the private eye. The more experienced the private investigator is, the more he or she charges. The prices charged hourly can cover the time spent on desk-based research, surveillance, and other services. The flat fees charged by the organization can include fees for services like background checks, tracing or polygraph examinations. If the private detective has specialized training, his or her services would cost more. In addition to service fees, there are also other expenses and costs involved.

Travel Costs

If, for example, the private detective would be required to travel long distances for the job, you need to be prepared to pay travel costs. Indeed, the travel and mileage costs are the most common costs incurred in private investigations by the clientele. Other costs and expenses would include equipment costs, hotel charges, and small disbursements like beverages and snacks. All the relevant costs will be outlined in the service contract between you and the agency.

Finding someone, or tracing, is one of the most popular private investigator services. The investigations usually include hours of surveillance, desk-based research, and interviewing relevant people. The costs are calculated in accordance with the agency’s hourly or flat fees which are outlined in the service contract between you and the agency.

Another popular service is investigating a spouse who could be involved in an extra-marital relationship. The private eye would conduct surveillance of the suspect (sometimes at night, which would cost more than daytime surveillance) and taking photos or videos for the client report. The costs would be calculated in accordance with the firm’s hourly rates for surveillance which is outlined in the service contract between you and the agency.