Sometimes it can prove to be very costly to hire a private investigator especially so if you happen to pick on the wrong investigation agency. Considering our long term experience, we do understand the fact that most firms offer basic price quotes with additional charges throughout the investigation process.

Well, we value our clients so much that we make it plain and easy for you when deciding on the prices of our private investigation services. As such, you do not have to worry as we provide you with a price quote that is all inclusive basing on the type of investigation you want us to carry out for you. In this case, our charges include the entire clientele, reporting, video or photographic footage obtained during the inquiry process, mileage as well as client liaison

Our priority is to provide you value for your money right from the word go. Yes, we know that regardless of the fact that the principles may be the same, each investigation is unique and as such, we handle each case differently. Once you contact us, we decide on a suitable course of action which is clear to both of us. Once we have discussed and reached a consensus, we let you understand the amount of knowledge we have in the industry and hence our capability to handle your case in a more professional way by simply getting to the root course of your problem.

Our All-inclusive Prices Include:

  • Minor expenses – Considering that a private investigator may be required to g to places such as bars, hotels in search for vital information, you may be required to meet the costs of beverages or any meal to that effect.
  • Travel time of the agent – This takes care of all the costs of all the travels made by the private investigator to and from the initial location.
  • Mileage – This may also be required
  • Client reporting – There may be need to meet expenses for delivery of reports which may be written digitally or verbally
  • Client Liaison – This takes care of all the calls and email correspondences conducted during the investigation.

The Entire Set-up Charges

Our hourly charges are determined basing on gravity of your case and the degree of investigation needed to successfully conclude the inquiry. Well, this may vary from one agency to another but one thing you should be wary of is that not all agencies are genuine in their price quotations. Make sure that what you are being shown is actually what you will be required to pay so that you don’t get embarrassed along the way when you are asked to make additional payments. The good thing with us is that we provide you full details of our private investigator charges which include VAT.

In this case, before you settle for a private investigation agency, make sure you have all the information concerning the company. It is for this reason that we beseech you to contact one of professionals who will be most willing to give you full details on the cost of your inquiry.