If you are suspecting that your spouse is having an affair, you might also be considering hiring a private investigator. Money is always a concern in these situations, and it is therefore important to do a thorough research into what a private detective agency can offer for the money you are paying them. Information about how much a private investigator’s services cost can be found on the organisation’s webpage, which details the commercial rates for hourly services and flat fee services. It is best to contact the agency beforehand to confirm the rates, however, just in case.

A cheap private investigator’s professional services might work for you if you know about the fact of the infidelity and merely need the physical proof, but if all you have is strong suspicions, you want an investigator that can prove that your spouse is cheating beyond reasonable doubt. It might seem costly, but private investigator costs arguably pale in comparison with the emotional costs caused by a cheating spouse.

Before employing a private detective, you need to make sure that you have the sufficient funds to do so. Cases of infidelity must be handled by an investigator that has experience with handling these types of issues professionally and emphatically, and understands the legal implications of infidelity. In this business, customers pay for skills and experience and the more skills the private investigator has, the more expensive his or her services are likely to be.

You also need to make sure that the agency is employing their own private detectives to do the job – if they are outsourcing, which could be the case if the subject is not based locally, it would increase the costs.

Here is a video showing some of our prices: https://www.private-investigators-uk.com/detectives/costs/

Private Investigators Charges For A Cheating Spouse

Private investigator charges for an investigation of a cheating spouse in most cases include surveillance rate, both daytime and night-time, interviews and gathering photo and video evidence of the liaisons. Our private investigators charge hourly rates for surveillance jobs – night-time surveillance rates are higher than day-time surveillance hourly rates.

Hiring a private investigator to catch a cheating spouse would also involve additional costs and expenses, such as traveling and mileage, minor disbursement and equipment costs. If your cheating spouse is located outside the UK, it is best to contact the firm to verify the costs before hiring an investigator. Our detectives will always let you know about any additional costs, related to outsourcing or additional expenses.

Although most of the clientele of infidelity investigators has similar needs, it is impossible to determine average private investigator costs in cases of infidelity investigations. This is because each relationship is unique and so are the circumstances surrounding the affair. The investigations involving services outlined above vary in length and complexity, and it is therefore hard to determine the exact cost of hiring a private investigator in a single case.