This process is mostly used when people want to extract evidence from the device. The experts that are responsible for this task are known as computer forensic experts.

These people have vast knowledge in the field of data encryption because with the advancement of technology, more and more techniques are used to hide data. The following are some of the techniques that are used by the UK private detectives in computer forensic analysis.

Live Analysis

This is one of the best techniques used by private investigators in the UK. It involves extracting hidden information from sources such as the operating systems of computers. Information that the private investigators can extract includes information on logged users, registry information and also recent chats. The experts will ensure that they analyze all storage devices such as the RAM to get all the volatile information that may be needed in a case.

Cross Drive Analysis

The hard drive is the point where all the information that enters the computer is stored for permanent reference. A private detective will analyze all the data that is found on a device. Although people may delete information from their computer, in real sense, it is never deleted permanently. It can still be found in the hard drive and that is why ii is one of the vital parts that our experts focus on when carrying out their forensics investigation.

Stochastic Forensics

Private detectives in the UK employ this technique when they are looking for missing data. Sometimes in an organization, data may get lost and therefore it is a situation where a private detective can locate this data. They usually do so by locating any missing digital artefacts in the computers or any digital storage machine. They can come up with patterns that will help identify the missing data. Data stored in a computer is usually stored in a particular pattern that can be traced back to its original format.


This is where data is stored in image format. UK private detectives employ this technique when they want to extract information that is hidden in image format. Some of the data that people hide in this format include pornographic content that kids may be exposed to. The private detectives usually compare the original image to the tampered image to find out any alterations.