Email has completely pervaded communications systems worldwide. Thus, it is becoming increasingly important to track emails.

Email Monitoring

There can be a variety of reasons when you need email monitoring solutions. You could be an employer worried about the work being done by your employees. You may be worried that your employees are passing out sensitive information via email. You may be a parent concerned for the safety of your child. You may be worried that your child is keeping bad company via email. You may also be a teacher, worried that your students are using school email ids to circulate inappropriate material. Whatever the reason, email monitoring is a technology that finds wide application.

Ensuring Delivery

Our software ensures that any email sent is delivered appropriately to the receiver. This tool also monitors the email id that the email was sent to, and if it is not on the company directory, informs the employer. This allows the employer to take necessary action. The tool can check the POP3 and IMAP servers of the receiver. These are the servers that should be up and running so that the individual receives both an email on his laptop and on his phone. In case of an outage, it lets the sender know. This allows the sender to contact the receiver via some other means.

Employee Monitoring

Our email forensic tools can easily monitor the email accounts of employees. This enables the employer to avoid any breach of security and prevent the passing on of sensitive information or trade secrets to outsiders. In case such a breach occurs, the email forensic tool can help the employer identify both the sender and receiver of the email, so that appropriate action can be taken. Apart from this, we also have PC monitoring tools which can track the number of keystrokes on a computer in a particular time period. This ensures that your employees work hard, and you have an idea about the amount of work they put in.

Monitoring Children

While the internet is a boon for education, it also hosts a wide variety of age – inappropriate sites that children need to be shielded from. Our email and OC forensic tools can be installed remotely and can help block sites that you don’t want your child to access. Moreover, they can track the amount of time spent on Facebook and MySpace, giving you an idea of how sincerely your child is actually studying. It provides you access to chats and instant messages that your child is involved in, giving you an idea about the company he or she keeps.

Why Choose Us?

We at Private Investigators UK have been working on and perfecting email and PC forensic tools for over a decade now. Thus, we have developed a product that is very effective. We are confident of our product and offer complete telephone support to help you through the entire process. Our software can be installed remotely and operates in stealth mode. This means that the user never finds out that the software is running in the background. We can detect the files and documents transferred, the websites visited and even the keywords used.