Email forensics is concerned with extracting email Meta data and using it to recover other information regarding deleted emails.

Email Forensics

Every time that you send an email your computer generates additional information associated with the email. This additional information forms a trail of digital crumbs that can be followed when tracking the email from its source to its destination. Email forensics is concerned with extracting this additional data and using it to recover other information regarding deleted emails. The techniques employed in email forensics are aimed at collecting additional information that is produced and stored in the host computer or servers. This information includes the senders address, time stamps among other relevant Meta data. This information is deemed important as it can be used to prove a certain email was sent at a certain time from a specific computer.

Necessity For Email forensics

With the growth of the World Wide Web and supporting devices, information has been digitized. This digitized information is mainly transmitted using electronic means. Transmitting information electronically leaves digital markers. It is these digital markers on the sending device and transmitting devices i.e. servers, that private detectives use to recover the sent information. For any investigation email evidence may be gathered from many sources. In this day and age smart phones are widely used to send emails. This therefore means that email evidence can be successfully recovered from these phones.

Email Forensics For Your PC

The largest and mostly used source of email evidence is computers. Your PC holds a lot of data on the emails sent and received on it but has been deleted. It is possible to recover all these emails using email forensic tools. Private detectives commonly apply these tools in gathering evidence on various assignments. Another critical source of email evidence is the servers that are used to transmit the emails in question.

Importance Of Email Forensics In The Corporate World

In the corporate world emails are used day in day out in sending messages to clients and other businesses. Internal communication in organizations is mainly composed of emails. In case suspicious behaviour is detected or suspected it is important to investigate this. Private investigators can assist you in analyzing any suspicious activity by going through all emails and recovering any vital emails that may have been deleted but are vital to the investigation. This ensures that internal corporate matters are handled with discretion. In the corporate world investigations may be conducted revolving around inappropriate sending of email messages, sexual harassment claims etc.

Importance Of Qualified Detectives

When investigating matters in which email evidence is to be considered it is important to use the services of a qualified specialist. Private detectives are well versed in all details that relate to email forensics. In the UK private detectives have the requisite skill set coupled with effective forensic tools. It is important to note that some Meta data associated with emails can be forged. Only a trained specialist can have the needed skills to spot these forgeries and distinguish between forged and authentic information. This is done by comparing authentic Meta data with the Meta data in question. Qualified private detectives also use other tools to ascertain the authenticity of Meta data. It is therefore important that you seek the services of a qualified private investigator to ensure that any investigations initiated are conducted in an effective way.