We live in a digital age. Everything is done on computers. Even our smartphones are small computers. All this makes computers a great repository of information, and more importantly, evidence! Computer forensics specifically deals with recovering such information to use as evidence in an investigation. Computer forensics refers to a detailed observation of the computer with the penultimate aim being analysis. Thanks to our great team and the extensive background we possess in data recovery, along with our established forensics skills: ensures that we find any and all digital evidence.

Information Recovered

While our computer forensic analysis recovers all the deleted files including pictures and documents, we also go the extra mile and search slack space and all the free space on the hard disc. These spaces, though invisible to an everyday user, are where the evidence is usually found to reside. We trace the Windows registry. This has entries detailing everything the operating system was used for. This provides crucial clues about the computer’s usage. Most importantly, it allows us to judge the importance of the data recovered. A forensics examination allows us to process and make visible hidden files. This enables us to reconstruct and analyze the details like dates for each file. This system allows us to understand when each file was created or changed or deleted or saved.

Internet Information Recovered

Computer forensics also enables us to run a string-search for email, when no email client is obvious. This is extremely important to discover who sent an email to whom and containing what? Our detailed analyses easily reveal Internet usage. Using this data, we can accomplish a full analysis of the information. This helps us in the identification of the important information sought by our clients. This works even if someone de – fragments or formats the computer. Our detailed analyses help you to quickly understand what a computer was used for and provide you with valuable evidence of the same. This can often be crucial to an investigation or lawsuit.

A Computer Forensics Investigation

Our computer forensic investigations are conducted like any other crime investigation. Our highly qualified personnel use cutting edge technology to conduct the investigation and glean information from the computer. They follow our in – house standard operating procedures. Also, like other forensic investigations, these investigations are also minimally invasive. This is especially important because when using a computer, its hard drive is continuously over written with new data. This makes recovering old deleted data and files extremely difficult. Also to be admissible in court, the evidence gathered must be free from any contamination. This includes data generated during the course of the forensic analysis.

Why Choose Us?

We are a highly dedicated and well qualified team of private detectives who are experts in computer forensics. Our forensic examiners are certified investigators with a large amount of experience in corporate investigations. Thanks to this, they understand the sensitive nature of such investigation and conduct them in a proper manner accordingly. Also, we understand the varied client requirements of each client and strive to improvise to easily provide our clients with the solutions they need.