When private detectives carry out computer forensics analysis, they have to come up with a report that includes all the facts they have found. This is especially important when their findings are to be used in a court case. There is a certain format that should be kept in mind before the report is written. This is to ensure that the report covers all aspects that are to be outlined are clearly written out. Any qualified private investigator will make sure that they have carried out a good job with the computer forensics report so that the matter in question can be clearly handled. The following are some of the features that the computer forensics report should contain so that it can be termed as complete.

Teams Carrying Out The Investigation

The team who are responsible for analyzing the computers storage devices and extracting the data will be named in the report to it make it a credible document. By including the names of the private detectives who carried out the analysis will not only make it a credible document but also other clients who are seeking the services of a credible private investigator.

Name Of The Requester

For any computer forensics report to be complete, the name of the person who requested the service should also be included. This is because the analysis could be analyzed by a third party and he or she should be aware of whom the report is for.


This is one of the crucial features that all reports should have. The examiners will come up with the recommendations and list them. They are people that have vast experience in the field of analysis. They will come up with the solutions to any problems that have been analyzed on that report. Examiners are usually the neutral party in any given case and will provide a clear ruling of the way forward in any conflict.

Date Of Investigations And Findings

In any computer forensic analysis report, the dates as to when the investigation was carried out should be clearly outlined on the report. This will clearly give the time frame within which the analysis was carried out so that the examiners can conduct their review perfectly. Apart from the dates on the report, the findings should also be clearly outlined. This was the main purpose of the report and therefore no mistake should be made at this point. This information will give the examiners a clear perspective of where any problems came up and how the solutions are to be approached.

The Conclusion

The conclusion of any computer forensics report should sum up the whole investigation. It should clearly point out where the problem came up and where any data may have been deleted or missing. The conclusion is usually a form of ruling that the report gives on the whole matter. It can be said to be a summary of the whole computer forensic report and all the results that were found during the investigation procedure.