Digital forensic investigations vary. Android phone forensics is the retrieving of digital evidence or information from an android mobile device by the help of forensic experts.

How Is phone Forensics Important?

Initially phones were just used for communication purposes, but presently they are used for more reasons than just communication. The creation of smartphones has changed so many things. Smartphones have advanced vastly and become a mandatory requirement for most individuals. They can do almost anything a computer can perform; be it emails, chatting on social media, banking transactions, online research, online bookings and purchases, just to mention but a few. As smartphones become widely relied upon, it has also caught the interests of criminals.

Forensic analysts have noted this increased popularity of smartphones has led to more phone related crimes. There is a huge number of criminal evidence that is hidden in mobile phones; and forensic analysts have put in place measures to ensure that extraction of evidence from these mobile phones, is possible. Android phones being one of the most popularly used smartphones in the entire world, it has likely become a target for most of the criminal minds. This increasing level of threat to the users, has brought about the demand and need for specialized android phone forensics.

Now it is possible for investigators to retrieve deleted data from mobile phones or even from a mobile phone that has all its internal memory erased to hide evidence. This development in forensic analysis has been really helpful in the solving of many cases related to the use of phones.

Different Crimes That Can Be Done By An Android Phone

The numbers of illicit activities that can be carried out with the use of a smartphone, are many. It becomes easy for criminals because almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays. That is why the move to make it more difficult for a criminal who uses a phone to get away was successfully implemented. Crimes that are related to the use of phones range from child pornography, sexual harassment, financial crimes, murder and even software theft. A smartphone can carry out a lot of sensitive data but there are many security check-points in the country that hardly ever bother to check mobile phones.

Private detectives in the UK have found collecting valuable information, with regards to an investigation, in android phones, a lot easier. This is due to the fact that android phones can store large volumes of data that can either be found locally or remotely, and it enables expert forensics analysts to acquire important evidence. The android phone has its applications connected unlike other operating systems that have the applications working independently from each other. This in itself has tremendously helped UK private detectives, to perform intense yet less time consuming android mobile phone analysis.

With technology come advantages and disadvantages. The android being a popular and important technology, phone forensics helps assure users of justice in case of an encounter with a criminal.