Cell phones hold a large amount of personal data. Cell phone forensics can prove invaluable in recovering data, monitoring your children and tracing callers.

Cell phones have completely overtaken our lives. Cell phones are prized possessions that are rarely out of our sight. With the advent of the smartphone, they have become even more difficult to put down and are typically always in use. Due to the large amount of work that can be carried out on a cell phone nowadays, they are often privy to sensitive information, which is normally very difficult to extract. In the event of a crash of the phone’s operating system, you may stand to lose a lot of important data. Cell phone forensic tools can help avoid this.

Tracing A Caller

Apart from recovering data, cell phone forensic tools can also be used to trace callers. In case you are getting obscene, rude or threatening calls or messages from an unknown number and are unable to identify the person associated with the number, a variety of cell phone forensic tools can help you do just that. At Private Investigators UK, we have access to a diverse variety of tools and can easily do this task for you. We understand the private nature of a cell phone and handle all cases with the utmost sensitivity and objectivity.

Keeping An Eye On Your Children

Like any responsible parent, you are bound to worry about your children. If you worry that your child might be keeping bad company, you can use his or her cell phone to find out about where he or she is. Some smart phones have GPS tracking that can be activated to ensure that you always know where your child’s phone is, giving you great peace of mind and ensuring your children’s safety. Also, in case you are unable to find your child and you have his or her cell phone, you can extract deleted messages and calls to try to get a handle of your child’s whereabouts.

Recovering Deleted Information

We also have some amazing cell phone forensic tools that allow you to recover deleted files from your phone. Apart from the usual recovery by connecting the phone to a computer and using cell phone forensic tools. You might have dropped and broken the phone making access via the number pad impossible or you may have spilt liquid onto the phone and it has stopped working. In these circumstances a private detective can help to restore the information to you and in some cases repair the phone.

Why Choose Us?

Private Investigators UK are an experienced detective agency with over twenty five years of experience. During this time, we have come across all kinds of cases around the United Kingdom. We recognize the sensitive nature of cell phones and conduct all investigations impartially and in a highly confidential manner. We have access to the very latest in cell phone forensic tools and can provide you with comprehensive services to meet just about any demand or special request that you might have.