Employee monitoring is fast becoming a necessity for all modern workplaces. We can help set up systems for extensive employee monitoring is a timely and accurate manner.

Employee Monitoring

With the advent of the digital age, nearly all the work done in any modern office is mobile. A majority of offices today have a large number of employees, both on – site and off – site, making it absolutely impossible to monitor their work at all times. Though a necessity, this can often be very unsettling and leave the employer open to a large number of risks. An unmonitored employee can leave his employer vulnerable to a lot of possible security breaches and thefts that can prove very damaging. Apart from physical theft, there is a huge risk of an employee with malicious intentions stealing valuable client information or trade secrets, etc.


Nowadays, there are a large number of employee monitoring solutions available. At Private Investigators UK, we understand the large number of avenues that your employee has to exploit you. We offer holistic solutions ranging from employee monitoring software to all around video surveillance systems. We can help you set up phone tapping systems for official phone lines to monitor the quality of your employees, and to see what kind of information they pass to clients. We also have software to help you scan emails sent and received by your employees to ensure that no sensitive information is passed on through these.

Pros Of Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring has a lot of benefits. Of course it can help catch dishonest employees and prevent any sensitive information from being passed out. Apart from this, employee monitoring can also prove to be an effective way to judge the quality of your employees. Constant monitoring can help you reward deserving employees on a regular basis. It can also help you identify areas in which an employee needs work and train the employee to improve his or her skills. This leads to a much better, happier workplace with high levels of employee satisfaction. Also, comprehensive monitoring can help curb harassment in the workplace. Though often brushed under the rug, these issues are very real and need to be tackled head on.

Cons Of Monitoring Employees

Monitoring employees can naturally evoke a sense of paranoia and distrust in the employees. However, this can easily be alleviated by using open policies. Being frank and candid with your employees will help build trust and mutual understanding. This goes a long way in avoiding conflicts later on. Explaining the need and extent of monitoring that your employees will be subjected to will surely ease their doubts. Occasionally, employee monitoring may prove detrimental. This tends to happen when it used excessively and greatly restricts the actions of an employee.

How We Can Help

Private Investigators UK have over 25 years of experience in employee monitoring. Apart from helping you set up effective employee monitoring systems, we are also familiar with common laws regarding employee monitoring. Thus, we can really help answer any questions or doubts you may have about employee monitoring. We can also help you avoid committing any felonies when instituting employee monitoring systems. We can also help your employees understand what they can expect and how to use the surveillance software.