Companies today are adopting newly intelligent ways of enabling their workforce more efficient and productive. Company tracking software makes it possible to spot where your company is losing the most resources in terms of cash and time both in the office and on the road.

UK private detectives will advice the best company tracking and employee monitoring software to improve your company’s workforce efficiency. With the best tracking software, you will be able to get accurate and real-time information. This will assist your company to get most from the available resources as you increase profit and reduce your environmental impact.

It is essential to track your company resources to reduce operational costs, protect valuable assets and improve efficiency. Company tracking involves fleet tracking, phone tracking and asset tracking. In today’s digital world, employers are installing employee monitoring software. Employee monitoring reduces or avoids undesirable behaviour in workplace. Lack of implementing company tracking and employee monitoring has caused loss of valuable assets, low productivity of employees. These can result to reduction in business sustainability and profit margins.

Both the company tracking and employee monitoring programs have incredible features including:

Location Updates

Today’s state of the art GPS tracking provide a wide range of tracking solutions to locate company vehicles or a fleet, and you can see exactly the location of your employee. GPS tracking offers you 100 percent flexibility to remotely monitor individual units, whether small or large.

Versatile Alerts

The GPS tracking system provides information through internet, configurable on-screens and email alerts. You are able to get accurate and real time information wherever you are, 24/7. This technology keeps you updated, and you don’t have to worry the whereabouts of your company fleet or what your employees are doing in your presence.

User Friendly Features

The company tracking and employee monitoring software are easy and simple to use with either mobile phone or personal computer.

Track Vehicles And Employees Using The Same Software

Company tracking gives you the ability to see both company fleet and employee activities on a single screen. You can view the information and reports on your personal computer, Ipad or mobile phoned.

Employee monitoring application records and sends reports of all aspects of personal computer use. These aspects include; keyboard strokes, installation of new programs, uploads and downloads, printing, screenshots of displayed images on the company computers, use of external media including external hard drives, compact disc or flash drives sent and received electronic mails or files….and many more. Employee monitoring applications offers employers capability to remotely supervise employees in real time as they perform their work. Company tracking allows you to manage and track your company fleet from a single motor vehicle up to the rest of the fleet. You get reports on trace and track information, vehicle usage, GPS tracking location and vehicle status reports.

Company tracking and employee monitoring are best known to increase productivity, reduce loss of company assets, and manage company resources.