A good detective, private investigator or detective investigator should be a person that has the necessary equipment to carry out his duties diligently, the private investigator or detective will always find himself in different places at awkward times, and this person is most likely to be very sorry for himself if he is to get into a situation, then he finds out he isn’t with the right tools to work with.

To be able to be good at his work, he should have devices for recording and also some tools that are mainly for self protection whenever he gets into danger. We will now be discoursing about some things a detective should always have with him, things that he will be incomplete without.


As an investigator, you probably know by now that your job is one that will requires traveling long distances, sometimes without you not even knowing where you will spend the night, at different times you may have to trek some distances if the roads are not that motor able, and you may even be forced to sleep outside if the situation demands. For all this reasons, you will need to have a telephone.

Night Vision Equipment

Walking in the dead of the night is a danger in itself, and even more dangerous when you’re not even able to gain a clear vision of the surroundings. So having night vision equipment will keep you safe from dangers to a certain extent.

Change Of Clothes

If you have been in this line of work for some time now, then I think this is something you know already, following a person for long distances, spying on a person or even having to sit in the same bar with somebody for a long time with the same cloths might cause your cover to be blown easily, in situations where you may even have to travel far, not knowing when you will arrive back home, you should have some cloths in the car to always change so as to look neat and undetected.

Tracking Gear

Following a person for a long time may create a measure of suspicion and then your bubble may end up getting busted, these is the case in some situations were two cars drive for a reasonable distance for a long time, so having a set of tracking devices can make it easy to track a person without the person having a hint.

Audio Tape

Being an investigator, you should have an audio tape to record events without being detected. We have pocket size audio recording devices; when set well, you have the ability to listen on any conversation easily.


It’s necessary you have something to take care of yourself, the fact is, you’re leaving home today and you have no idea when you will likely return, you should have enough with you anytime you travel to help keep your cover.

Motor Vehicle

This is also as important as having enough money, your job involves surveillance, which do you think is better? Standing by the corner of the road and looking at the home of a subject or sitting in a parked tinted screen car to watch a subject? If you try the former, in less than 30 minutes you are bound to be busted, but trying the later still keeps your cover.

The briefly highlighted points are few of the many types of equipment a private investigator can and should have, and this guide will be helpful also to those who plan joining the detective ranks.