In any given career, having the right equipment is very important. In order for you to perform your duties correctly and efficiently as a private investigator, you will need to equip yourself properly. You do not only need to wear sunglasses and a trench coat to conceal your real self. You must ensure that you are well set for the job by acquiring the right tools of trade. We know the range is wide but having the most crucial ones at your disposal is something you wouldn’t want to argue about.

When executing our duties as a private investigator firm, we make use of different tools. Well, depending on the needs of our clientele, the tools may vary. For instance:

Spy Camera DVR Watch

This enables us to record certain events inconspicuously. This type of watch has been specially designed for high level surveillance. Although it may look like an ordinary watch, it comprises of an inbuilt night vision waterproof camera with an 8GB storage capacity. This is most ideal for surveillance in streets, bars, hotel lobbies and restaurants just to mention a few.

Spy Camera and Recorder Glasses

On their part, the classy reading glasses have been designed to conceal one’s appearance. They come with an inbuilt HD camera as well as a voice recorder. They are perfect for gathering and recording information while in the midst of suspects. As it were, there is only one thing that may be disadvantageous about this trading tool for private investigation – you must be prepared to meet your subjects practically. However, it is easier to align the glasses as compared to the watch.

MemoQ Plug Voice Recorder Pen

This is yet another very important tool for a private investigator. This is vital in the sense that you don’t have to hide it. You can put it in your pocket or just keep on writing while talking to your subject. It records every detail during your conversation.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for a tool that will ensure you perform your duties in a more inconspicuous manner, this pen recorder is great. Besides recording your conversation, you can also make notes to help you update your reports afterwards. You can always use your computer to playback the recorded information.

Above all, it is also good to note that some tools are meant for specific clientele. In this case, since we are diverse in our services, you can always confide in us. We have the best equipment just to ensure you get to the heart of your case within a short time. Besides, our personnel will exhibit professionalism at every stage of your case with a hope to provide you with not only accurate results but also without living out any detail.