Like a barber cannot work well without its tools, a private detective needs its tools to carry out a proper investigation. Without proper tools, any good investigation can turn to a bad investigation.

If you don’t have the tools to detect the evidence and record the evidence, you cannot report quality evidence with proof. Therefore all private detectives should invest in a proper spy equipment kit. There are plenty of PI equipment suppliers in the market with various trendy and useful equipment. Following is a list of spy equipment that all kits should include:

Flash light

This is obvious and a must have! For investigation at night or in dim lighted places, you don’t want to be blindly walk in the dark. Always have a flash light on yourself.


Keep chargers of all your devices in your car. Use DC to AC convertors to charge your devices in emergency using your car charger.

Alarm: Alarms are important to keep track of time. Make sure to keep them on vibration when on the field, you don’t want them to start blaring in mid of the surveillance that will be a classic private investigation disaster.


GPS will be your savior on different routes especially in a neighborhood or a city you are not accustomed to. All you need to do is type in the name of the place, and it will map out the best routes to reach your destinations. You can also identify shops, restaurants and hotels nearby.


Private Investigators often forget this essential item needed for an investigation expedition. A backpack not large enough to drag attention but huge enough to carry all your important stuff when you have to hike is an essential item for a private investigator.

Wireless Kit

Have a wireless kit of cameras, recorders, transmitters and receivers on you. Make sure they are charged before you get on with your day.


These are essential for surveillance jobs. You can listen to recorded evidence to ensure you have appropriate evidence. You can also listen to conversations through receivers.

Sets Of Watches:

Carry sets of watches if you are working with partners to ensure time co-ordination.


There are many detectors available in the market. You can buy them according to the need of your work. There are explosive detectors that alert if there is an explosive in the vehicle or object nearby. There are also bug detectors that can identify any devices installed in your office or vehicle to eavesdrop the conversations.

These are just some of the basic tools that are required by private investigators. Each private investigator can use his own imagination to determine according to his need what equipment to invest in.