Every craft has it set of tools to use in order to be effective.

A farmer has a shovel and a hoe while a painter has a canvas and a paint brush as such there are tools that each private detective should be having in order to be good at his or her job. These are tools that s/he will use in his/her everyday work life.

The tools that the PI should be having are regulated by law as in the tools that are used should only be used for the purpose for a case and shouldn’t be abused by the PI. As such care should be taken when using the tools and when they are used they should be used according to the local laws in the area of the work that is being done. The tools that a private detective should have are a backpack, wireless kit, earphones, a set of watches, flash lights, Tasers and GPS. Here is a small overview of the tools that have been mentioned.

GPS Trackers

Using GPS trackers means that you don’t have to follow the subject everywhere the person goes. With GPS you can monitor where and when your subject has gone or has been to and how long they have stayed there. This tool is a must for any PI who is following a subject like in the case of marital disputes or making sure employees are not using the company resources badly. The features they come with are quad band GSM frequency to monitor where the car is going; silent listening when the car is being driven and GPRS and internet application.


This is a must have for any case that involves surveillance. Due to the development in technology the cameras that are being manufactured these days are clearer, smaller and take photos from very far away. There are different types of cameras that can be used in a case, there are those that are small in order not to be seen; there are larger cameras when the private investigator wants more detail in the photo and be able to recognize the people being photographed. The cameras also have an added benefit as they can record movies in high definition and can take photos at night. This makes the work of the PI very easy to do.


Lastly earphones are a must have if the PI would be listening to a conversation of the subject is having. Earphones make it easy to be able to fully concentrate to what is being said without the private detective being distracted by outside noises.


These are necessary if the Private Investigator will be working late at night and would need to move around anonymously.