In carrying out of private detective duties by private detectives, different electronic equipments are used to gather and capture useful information. CCTV is an electronic gadget that uses video cameras in transmission of a signal to a particular on a limited set of monitors. For instance, private detectives Kent in the UK uses CCTV‘s in their investigation for crime.

Audio Recorder

When carrying out private investigation, detectives use all means to get information especially from prime suspects. One of the electronic devices used in the business of private investigation is an audio recorder. This small electronic device comes in different forms which cannot be easily detected or suspected to be an audio recorder, for example in pen form.

Video Recorders

Private investigators use all possible means to acquire information and evidence that they can get from crime scenes, evidence of a cheating spouse and expressions from a suspect by use of video recorders. The video recorders just like audio recorders come in different forms which cannot be easily noticed by suspects and record evidence.


Another important electronic gadget used by private detectives is a binocular. A binocular is used at night or during the day to watch or capture scenes from a distant view. Private detectives use binoculars especially when they are collecting evidence and don’t want to rise any suspicion from the suspect because it might distort their motive, hence, keeping the distance.

Tracking Device

A private detective job is sometimes tricky and risky at the same time as private investigators put their life on the line while trying to find accurate information for their clients. A tracker is one of the electronic devices that private detectives use to trace suspects as they try to find out certain information from them. A tracker maybe placed on a car or by tracking the suspects mobile.


When the information has been collected and gathered from the field by different electronic devices, this information is stored and viewed later for analysis. A television is a set box that is used to view information which may have been recorded from a binocular, camera or video recorder which is then analysed by private detectives.


A good private investigator or investigation firm is one that has all the required electronic gadgets to collect all possible information that may be useful to a case. In that way, a private investigator is able to provide exceptional services to their customers. One of the electronic gadgets that collect information from a telephone conversation is a wiretapping.

Night Vision Camera

The work of a private investigator involves planning, collection and analysing of information under investigation to get sufficient evidence and lead into a case. Private investigators use cameras which capture pictures of suspects and scenes of crime that they come across in their investigations which they use as evidence in the cases they tackle.

Private detectives use night vision cameras and other electronic gadgets to collect information in the dark and at night. These not only help to collect sufficient information but also help the investigators not to arouse any suspense from the suspects being trailed. Night vision cameras are very helpful and capture scenes and pictures very clearly at night hence, good for collecting evidence.

Bug Detector

Most of the private investigators in the UK use bug detectors while searching for evidence. A bug detector electronic device helps to find out any hidden electronic device from video recorders, audio recorders, and hidden cameras among other hidden electronic devices which might give a link or provide some captured information.