There are several gadgets that a private investigator requires in order to run a thorough investigation without a hiccup. Some are sent to communicate with the suspect under normal circumstances, some are required to bug offices, cars, phones and laptops belonging to the suspect and some are required to discreetly follow them around. In order to provide such a service to each customer, the private investigators are provided with proper equipment.

Private investigation companies give their detectives not just with advanced private investigation training but also with effective gadgets and electronics that help them carry out their job well. Following is a list of electronics and gadgets investigators require:

Bullet Proof Vest

As the name suggests, with bullet proof vest private detectives are able to get into dangerous situations without risking their life. Their occupation often demands them to follow lawbreakers and criminals for extensive hours. If the individual being pursued suspects someone to be chasing them, the situation can get out of hand and dangerous for the detective. To ensure complete protection, they are provided with bullet proof vests. These allow them to do their job without fear of getting hurt if they are shot at.

Sound Recorders

A detective professional is commonly required to be able to hear a conversation being held between two or more individuals if the customer demands it. In order to guarantee that all information, relative or not, will be recorded for future references; the detectives use sound recorders. These are able to provide audio evidence in court, if need be. These are often paired with amplifiers for better quality of the sound.

Video Tape

During private investigation courses, every organization teaches the individuals methods that allow them video and audio surveillance. This lets them video tape the suspect as they exchange money or other unauthorized documents or items. As a result of these video recordings, the suspect cannot deny the offense he is being held against.


Sometimes in the forensics department the private investigation jobs requires the individuals to trace and track footsteps, finger prints and similar other traces left behind by the criminal. Sometimes, certain clues are left behind by the criminal but remain invisible to the naked eye, for extreme explorative measures, investigators are provided with a magnifier.


When a detective is required to keep an eye on the whereabouts of a suspect, they are provided with a GPS device. This allows them to keep a direct eye on the location of their suspect at all times. Sometimes, when a detective calls someone in for interrogation, they tend to deny meeting someone or being someplace at a certain time. A GPS device serves as evidence by clearly showing the commute record of the person being interrogated.

Bug Detectors

A private investigation agency also provides its employees with bug detectors. These are microscopic chips inserted into phones and laptops. As a result of this bug detector, every phone call being made and received, each message being typed and sent and emails being sent out directly notify the investigator. This way, the detective remains a step ahead of the suspect at all times. It is these gadgets that help detectives seal their cases and ultimately build solid and loyal clientele for a long time.


These are required especially at night. When detectives are asked to investigate an individual throughout the night, they are provided with night vision goggles so they can keep an eye without notifying the other.

The above gadgets are what make the job of detectives a whole lot easier and more accurate. They can keep an eye on the suspects, trace them and document them so it can formally be presented in case.