What are some of the equipment’s that are used by a private investigator during investigation? I know that we have all at one point wondered what type of equipment the detectives use to carry out their deep investigations and come up with the accurate results. There are a number of instruments and tools that are contained in the private investigator equipment kits. They are used differently to achieve different results. Our private detectives are trained to carry out investigations using the latest and advanced equipment. This makes it possible to achieve desired results and within the shortest time possible. Here are some of the common equipment you will never miss from the private investigator tools and supplies.


Surveillance is one of the major services that we offer. Our private investigators carry out surveillance on subjects and they use the binoculars to get a close view of the person bee investigated. It may not be used by its own but it is essential when supplementing other equipment of investigation. A binoculars is a must have for every private investigator. This makes it possible for them to keep a distance from the subject but still be able to observe everything they are doing. It is a private investigator spy equipment that has been used for very many years and is still being used to date. There are different types of binoculars with different view range.

A Video Camera

Video evidence is one of the sure ways best ways of giving evidence and our private investigators utilize this path. A video footage of an investigation eliminates all doubt. You will never find our private detectives without the video cameras in the field. Our private detectives carry with them video cameras that record videos in high quality definitions. Private detectives also need to be very careful whenever they are recording since some places prohibit the use of video cameras.

Night Goggles

These are mostly used whenever a private detective is carrying out investigation especially during night hours. The goggles make it possible for the investigator to view people and objects at night without having to strain. It is an essential component for any detective especially when doing night surveillance on a person.

A Computer

With the advancement in technology, nearly all the equipment can be synced with the computers, for example, the video cameras. The computers are important equipment especially when you are conducting an investigation that requires storage of large files. A computer can also have a GPS attached to it. After the investigations have been concluded, our private detectives usually use their computers to compile a final report that will be delivered to the client.


Money cannot be categorized as an equipment but it is a sure must have for a private investigator. It is used in nearly all the stages of investigation, for instance, an investigator can use the money to pay for a cab or order for drinks in a join where he or she is investigating. Money can be carried in cash or rather in credit cards depending on where it is supposed to be used.