Private investigation requires in depth uncovering of information that will be of use to the client.

How can we achieve this? There are different ways that we can get that information such as through videos, photographic evidence and even voice evidence. To be able to gather these type of information, we need different equipment’s that will help in the whole process. Let us look at some of the investigative tools equipment that our private investigators use to carry out their day to day investigative tasks.

Video Surveillance Recorders

Cameras are mostly used especially in case where Private Investigators are looking for concrete evidence. Our private detectives use the latest types of video cameras which are be able to capture clear pictures and quality sound. The video recorders should be able to store videos of large capacities. Private detectives sometimes hide the cameras so that a subject does not know whether they are being spied. The cameras can be mounted in a house or just carried around. Video cameras have been vital especially when solving cases in courts.


Voice evidence is one of the trusted forms of information that a private investigator can collect. The use of earphones makes sure that they can tap and hear conversations which may be of help for the case being solved. The earphones can also have a voice recorder that will record all the conversations taking place. This voice evidence can be produced in court to help solve different crimes.

A Hand Book Map

A map is one of the essential things that any private investigator in UK will never miss. A map is basically used to guide the detective as he or she is moving around while gathering information. The private investigator may have to go to places that he/she has never been before and that is why they need the guidance of the map. Alternatively, the investigator can have the GPS map on their computer or mobile phones.

GPS Tracking Device

A tracker is one important tool you will always find in the back packs of our private detectives. It is used to keep in check the position of the subject who is being investigated. The tracker can either be mounted on their mobile phones or a car of a person being investigated. The GPS tracker acts as a supplement of the other means of collecting information and tends to be very vital when it comes to keeping track of sequence of events or in cases of investigating a cheating spouse.

The private investigator spy equipment’s mentioned above are used together so as to give detailed information and help solve different miseries. Our private detectives go through thorough training to make sure that they can use them in a professional way.