A man of trade is only as good as his tools. As a private investigator, what equipment you use can be as crucial as what clothes you wear to get the job done. Being observant and discrete are the primary traits of good private investigator. A number of spy tools and gadgets are available in the market that will help you cross off items from your private investigator equipment list. Here is some of the private investigator gear that should always travel with you.

Audio Equipment

Audio equipment is right on top of this list. Your case could require you to record conversations that you need to analyse or use to supply conclusions later. Your gear should thus contain a good quality microphone that can capture voices, even in noisy or traffic conditions. Observations and conclusions need to be backed up by evidence. A good camera along with extra batteries and memory card must definitely be a part of your private investigator supplies to capture events as and when they take place.

Tracking Device

Don’t forget the utility of tracking devices. GPS is an extremely useful tool for a professional. Having a map on your electronic device or car come in very handy when you have to get from one place to another. GPS proves convenient because you don’t need to know the route to your destination. You simply type in the address and the best possible route automatically maps itself out.

Video Recorder

A video recorder is another must-have item on the private investigator’s equipment list. You can easily capture videos when you come across something interesting and it can act as evidence in cases where proof is needed. A powerful transmitter and receiver should accompany your cameras and recording equipment so that all evidence is appropriately conveyed.

Self Equipped

Your investigation could lead you to track a subject overnight or make you cover large distances. You are hardly going to shop when on the job. This is why you should equip yourself with a change of clothes. Also carry along an umbrella and sun shades to shield yourself against the unpredictable weather.


Computers are required during investigating jobs, laptops or tablets are even better. They are portable which means you can carry them with you on the job and jot down or search immediately as and when something interesting occurs. Just as a computer comes in handy, a smartphone too is useful. Smartphones have penetrated the marketplace to a great extent and as a private investigator you should certainly have one with you. Smartphones not only help you stay connected but also contain a number of interesting apps that can be handy in case your other equipment is out of reach – like mic, camera and even GPS.

Investigative Tools Equipment

A bag that fits some of your investigative tools equipment should be present. You can also carry extra flashlights, binoculars and batteries in this kit. Private investigator business can be a long, tedious one, which is why you should not forget to carry sufficient food and water, especially during a stakeout. The last thing you want to do is get hungry and go off to buy a sandwich and miss out on some crucial event happening under your very nose.