As a private investigator you will have access to a variety of investigative tools which can be used to make you work easier and help collect a higher quality of evidence.

Seasoned private detectives usually have a specially constituted kit of investigative tools needed from time to time. These tools can be used for audio and video recording, photography and bare survival when need arises.

As an investigator you need to always be ready to go from a dormant state to a high octane action situation in a moment’s notice, a private detective kit is all the investigator needs to collect evidence on the go as well as survive during the time away from home or the office.

Toy Detective Kit

A common example of a real kit in this instance is the toy detective kit for children usually used by kids while playing. Although the tools in the children’s kit have no real functionality, real kits are composed of highly capable tools that make the detectives work easier. It is important to note that since private investigators usually work on different assignments different in nature, the investigator can choose to buy ready made detective kits or create their own depending on the tools they deem to be necessary for their regular operations. These tools are then packed in a ready to go backpack.

Bug Detectors And Alarms

Most of the evidence captured by Private Investigators today is captured using and stored in digital media. This means that there is a pressing need for electronic chargers to be used to charge portable electronics such as sound amplifiers bug detectors and alarms among others. It would be of no use to have an opportunity to get the necessary evidence but then find that these devices are out of charge and non-functional. As such, chargers are among the most important tools in the kit.

Long Surveillance Assignments

It is common for private investigators to get carried away during assignments far away from home and any bathrooms; e.g. during long surveillance assignments taking more than a day. As such, carrying some food and toiletries is essential in ensuring that they keep their personal health well maintained. You can freshen up quick in the car as well as take your meals without having to go out of the surveillance vehicle risking getting spotted or even worse, an opportunity to capture evidence.

Defense Devices

P.I work can get risky from time to time and confrontations are common. Sometimes the confrontations can become violent; having a means of defending yourself in such situations can mean the difference between spending time in the emergency room or even worse and escaping a close shave. The investigator kit should also include defense spray or any other defense device. Of course in some countries and states private detectives can carry guns for defense purposes. There are various laws created to address carrying such firearms; make sure that you familiarize yourself with local laws before choosing to carry one.