I am always on the lookout for the best spy equipment that I can use for my different cases and tasks.

When I was just starting out, I did not think that I needed to focus on items. What I focused on is to make sure that I had the right attitude to become an effective private investigator but when I started to work for the agency, I realized that the equipment I am going to use will make a lot of difference too.

I actually had no choice but to buy the best spy gadgets that will help me get far in my investigation and the cases that I have to handle. There is a possibility that you would like to know what I usually need, what my co private investigators need in order to survive. I have to say though, most of the things that we need are portable. Here are just a few things that we usually need:


Since we are human beings too, we need food and toiletries in order to get through the day. More than once, we usually end up having to sleep over in certain places because of the tasks that we have to do. Since we need to eat in order to have strength we usually bring our own food. Sometimes, we have no choice but to purchase from various fast food joints but what matters is we bring our own food.

When it comes to toiletries, people might think that we do not have time to take showers but we do need to do it rather regularly in order to look neat, reliable and trustworthy at all times. I know personally, that I would gain more attention if I have not taken a bath for a long time and in order to stay undercover, I have to blend in with a lot of other people.

Sleeping Ware

Some people assume that we, the private investigators only sleep at hotels and inns but we actually need our own sleeping ware if we are required to sleep in the woods or in places that are not exactly comfy.

Types Of Recorders And Amplifiers

We carry different types of recorders because we know that in order to gain more information and to also gain evidence, we need to record some of the things that we will encounter with covert listening devices. Different types of recorders have different purposes. We also need amplifiers if in case we cannot hear the things that are being said properly.

Night Vision

It does not matter whether we have to observe during day time or during night time. We have to make sure that we have night vision scopes and cameras so that we can still see if there are movements and new actions happening at night.

Digital Camera With Memory Sticks

We need digital cameras because they can also act as video cameras if in case we need to bring small bags to blend in with others. Digital cameras are usually small and can be placed in small bags. Aside from the digital cameras, we also need memory sticks to record large amounts of pictures and videos that we are going to send back to clients.

Defense Spray

There is a chance that we will be encountering some personalities that would like to cause us more harm than good. In order to defend ourselves, our defense spray will give us ample time in order to be safe and stay safe. A private investigator would need to be safe too.

Handbook Map

Getting lost is personally, one of my pet peeves. I do not ever want to get lost so what I do is I make sure that I bring a handbook map. This will allow me to check if ever I feel that I am not on track.

The things that I mentioned above are just a few of the things that I and other Private Investigators need.