Interested in keeping a watch over someone’s suspicious activities? Using a spy or hidden video camera can do wonders. These hidden video cameras are one of the best known private detective equipments in the market today and a perfect solution to capture video at the same time audio evidence against the suspicious persons. As far as technology and performance is concerned, these private detective equipments are arguably one of the best gizmos available.

The best features of these spy video cameras are their lightweight, portability, and affordability. They are available in as small sizes as a regular cell phone, pen and many more, making it fit easily into one’s pocket.

They work as your eyes and ears whenever you move into a suspicious place or face an unexpected condition. A spy camera is not particularly useful for the investigators, but you can also use it for personal safety and security. These cameras can be worn on the body. They are very fascinating and dependable as they have the ability to produce high-quality video even when you are in a pressing situation.

These Spy Cameras Can Be Hidden In The Following Ways:

Uses as buttons- spy cameras, available in button size, are cumbersome and effective. Many of the latest button size spy cameras comes equipped with a sizable battery pack taped onto your body that offers a longer video recording. However always remember to perform your surveillance work form a far distance button spy video cameras as wires can be spotted if a body search is done. Otherwise you can also use the button camera inside your cap if you wish to get near to your subject. This type of cameras is frequently utilized in TV shows.

Wear on tie- like James bond? Well, we have something that can suit your personality while you feel like a real spy. A miniature camera can be worn on the tie to monitor the suspicious activities. This type of spy camera is usually undetectable, particularly when it blends with your tie. This can be an easy way to detect a cheating spouse, by dressing up neatly and monitoring him or her from a distance.

Pen- we all love to keep a pen inside our pockets. A pen sized spy camera is best way to perform detective activities. If you opt to stay near the offenders then it is best you find a spy pen to conceal the camera. Simply put the pen in your pocket and get the best video footage.

Apart from these, private detective equipments such as lighters and cigarette packs are also available these days to help you keep an eye on the suspicious activities. Wireless spy cameras give you ultimate control and comfort in regards to where they are placed and how