Private eyes are people who can do some of the weirdest jobs you can ever imagine, but if you are not very careful when looking for one, you may end up getting bitten by some of them that are not trustworthy. We remembered getting a report from a lady who hired a private investigator to check if her husband was having an affair outside the marriage, she said she never had any idea that the clean report was compiled after secretly going to her husband to get a bride so as to alter the result of the investigations and make a report that will favor her husband.

Her experience is just one of the many occurrences that have been noticed and seen, this incidence is just one of the many bad investigators who do bad investigations. But how can I get a real and trustworthy investigator? Some may ask. First, you will need to realise that investigators that can be trusted are those who have had lots of feedbacks on the services that they render to people, so you can decide to meet people who must have successfully worked with a private investigator and these people can recommend one or more private eyes for you.

This suggestion was what the lady that was mentioned at the outset really did, and it paid off. You can also go to the police, they know quite a lot of private investigators, they know which ones you can depend on and they know the best for your every need, you can even decide to contact the British association of private investigators; in this association are private investigators who are practicing their crafts in Britain, so you can get the best recommendations for your every need. But even after we must have been able to get recommendations, what are some things we should check to strengthen our trust in the private investigator?


you should try to know their educational background, if they have any technical skills, years of on-the-job experience, some cases they handled, and if they have handled any case similar to yours. Knowing the answers to the listed points will shine a clearer light on what you should be expecting if you should hire that private investigator.


you should contact the British association of private investigators and then you should try to see if any complaints have been laid or filed against the individual in the past and what the complaints were.


no doubt, any professional investigator will have gone on surveillance missions at a time or the other, how did the client feel after the job was completed? You should try to know much about the private investigator before even hiring him.


how concerned is he about money? Is he decent? Can he keep confidential matters? A good private investigator will not be a money freak, decency should be his watchword, only then will he be able to keep your information secret without being bought with money.

From the little we have discoursed, you may have noticed that before we even hire a private investigator, we will also have to be private investigators ourselves, we need to know as much as possible about the private investigator, these will help us be confident in his ability to deliver quality services.