Before you decide to hire a private investigator you should always make sure they have good reputation and positive feedback.

Licensed Company

Our company is trained for providing investigation services and has one of the best private investigators in the country. They are real professionals who are able to cope with every challenge. They have invested a lot in their knowledge and skills so they can respond to every task the case brings.

Team Of Discreet Private Investigators

We have a team of private investigators who constantly deliver great results and overcome the expectations of our clients. They know how to communicate with people and are very honest in their estimates for the outcomes of the case. Moreover, our private investigators are really discreet and they never discuss any details of your case with other people. The information shared between you and the private investigator remains completely private at all times.

Services Of A Private Investigator

The scope of our services is fairly broad. We are often approached by people who need us to help them discover whether their partner is being faithful or not, so we end up tracking them for days or even weeks. These cases usually include the surveillance technique and require the services of a private investigator with previous experience. The final results are usually followed by a lot of emotional reactions and the private investigator must be able to respond in an appropriate manner. The demand for background checks is also very high, especially by companies who are looking to expand their business. They ask that we investigate the past of their candidates so they can confirm the authenticity of the provided information.

Act More Internationally

The nature of the work we do takes us to many different places, some which we would have never thought of visiting. At times we also need to take our investigation across the border in order to be able to provide evidence or even solve the case. Therefore we can say that we act more internationally rather than locally.

Decrease Or Increase The Price Of The Services

The prices of the services we offer vary and they are highly depended on many different factors. The number of investigators assigned on the case, the equipment that is being used, the complexity of the case, as well as the time of the investigation are all important factors that can decrease or increase the price of the services. We always stand behind the work we do and we guarantee a successful resolution.

If for some reason we believe that the case can’t be solved you would be the first to know. We would hate for you to have to waste both your money and your time in something that might never be solved. With us you can always hope for upfront agreements and honest discussions on every aspect of your case. We never give promises we can’t keep and we tend to under-promise and over-deliver any time we can.