At one point in time, you would want to hire a private detective. This is one of the times in life when we would wish that you wouldn’t want to be in this position but as life would have it you are in it. You would be looking to hire a private investigator because you are having suspicions that your spouse is having an affair, one of your children is involved in things they shouldn’t be or you would like to look at someone’s background before you hire them. In any of these scenarios, you would need the services of a PI. As you don’t know what to expect from a PI here is a couple of questions that you should ask him or her to see whether you can work together:


You would want to know his or her level of experience. This is important information as it would tell you how long the PI has been a successful private investigator and if they know how to carry themselves in a professional manner. Someone with loads of experience will be able to handle your case expeditiously and efficiently. There are times when you need the PI to handle sensitive information and you need to trust him or her. Experienced people will know how to behave in such scenarios.


You should know what kind of training the PI has undertaken and what qualifies him to handle your case. Information about his education and training will let you know if the PI is a licensed professional or someone who is lying. With proper training it means that the private detective can undertake whatever you are asking of him. He has the knowledge to be able to solve your case and would be able to tell you whether he can do it or not.


Those private detectives who will be working corporate jobs would require to be very discrete. They would be hired into looking at employee’s past and qualifications to see whether they can be hired to work for the company or if a crime has been committed and evidence is needed. If you are going to be hiring a private detective for this kind of role you will need to know how he or she handles these matters. This is because if the information would leak out on the PI’s activity it would be disastrous to the company.

Success Rate

Lastly, you should find out what the private investigator’s success rate is before hiring the person. This is important to know because you would like to be assured that your money is going to the right endeavour and will not be wasted. Every private detective has different success rates and naturally you would want to hire a private detective with higher success rates. This is because you would like your case to be solved. You can also choose to hire a PI who has a lower success rate because you would want to save money as these kinds of PIs are more affordable.