Getting a private investigator for your business is a step in the right direction but doing this right is a different ball game entirely. For instance, you want to hire someone to do a comprehensive marital surveillance on your spouse/partner. You hire someone off the pages of an advertorial and agree on a certain amount. Unprofessional private investigators not bonded by the ethics of the professional can head straight to your spouse and promise a give a “clean bill” report for a higher amount of money. While this case scenario is likely possible, here are things to look out for to avoid making such mistake.

They Are SIA Licensed

A private investigator that has the SIA license is more reliable than one without. This is because it is easy to track down the individual in your local licensing division. This process is far from cumbersome.


While the minimum requirement for an individual to become a private investigator is a high school diploma, you may want to look out for other certification if the job entails technical speciality. Most private investigators have a Bachelor degree in related courses like biology forensic and law related courses. Having necessary qualifications and certifications is an added advantage to their competency.

Level Of Experience

Many of today’s private investigators have a background in military, police, or bodyguard services for private companies. It is good to know the number of years they have spent on the job as a private investigator.

You should also key in their level of confidentiality. You wouldn’t want to hire a private investigator that cannot keep sensitive information. They should possess skill set that set them apart from others in the field.

What The Company Offers

There are many private investigation companies springing up these days. It is not only enough to check for their SIA license, you have to do a little research on what they hope to offer. With the quality of private investigators in their staff and the number of years they have been in the business, you should be able to project their level of competency and experience. When all these factors have been taken into consideration, then you can begin to look towards their cost of service. Set a budget for yourself and ensure you discuss it out with the firm. You would be more than surprised how willing most of these private investigation firms are to assist you.


Not all private investigation firms of your liking will reside in your locality. If you are lucky to have one within your locality that passed the above factors, then its best you consider them. Some people have contracted firms internationally or non-locally to help out with surveillance services. There is no clear-cut standard on whether you should still with local or non-local private investigators. It should be about preference, quality service, and cost.