Our private detectives have been solving some of the toughest crimes in UK and even in other parts of the world. They have experience of over 10 years and are well equipped to deal with cases of different magnitudes such as crime, murder and financial fraud. We have our detectives specialised in the different areas so that it is easy to solve the case within a short period of time. Our clientele trust us with their confidential information and we return the favour by making sure we solve their cases in the best and professional way possible.

How Long Will It Take To Solve A Case?

Different cases take different durations to be solved. Our private detectives are trained to tackle the cases within the shortest time possible but still maintain highest level of professionalism. We have a large team of private detectives that work round the clock to solve cases for different clients. Before we start any investigation, we always discuss with our clients about the duration that they want it to take. The strategic position of our clients all over UK makes it possible to solve cases that cover a wide region. We utilize our resources and time to make sure that the client will be satisfied at the end of the investigation.

Qualifications Of Being A Private Investigator

Before you embark on hiring private investigators, you should make sure that they are licensed and certified under the Private Security Industry Act of 2001. The private detectives are required to be issued with licenses which they need to have on them whenever they are conducting an investigation. A client should be sure that the license is valid. This is because private investigation requires conveying private information to a detective which may turn out to be risky if they are not genuine.

Confidentiality Of Information

Our private detectives maintain highest levels of professionalism when they are conducting an investigation for a client. We always sign an agreement that prohibits the investigator to reveal any information provided by the client upon which necessary penalties will be taken when the agreement is breached. We respect the confidentiality of all our clients. The finding of the investigation are also not revealed to other parties other than the client.

Success Rate Of The Private Investigators

Private detectives have so far proven to be an important part of crime solving teams in UK. Hiring a private investigator to catch a cheating spouse or rather divorce property assessment has proven to be successful all the time. This can be attributed to the fact that the detectives are well experienced and trained to deal with such cases. There are many cases that we deal with and our investigators are always successful. This has led to a large clientele base.

Techniques Used To Carry Out Investigations

In order for the investigations to be successful, our private detectives have to employ different techniques on different cases. Some of the techniques that we use include surveillance, interviews and financial accounts assessment. Our detectives are trained on interview skills and audio-visual surveillance and that is why we end up solving cases within the deadlines set by the clients.