It was just a normal evening as always. Susan was done with the evening house chores and was sitting comfortably in the chair in the bedroom. It had become a routine to read a chapter or two from any novel that catches her fancy at that time. With John taking a shower in the bathroom, she was distracted by the text message sound that kept beeping on John’s phone. Usually she would have overlooked it but she figured it was important and someone was trying to get John’s attention for something urgent.

Living In Denial And Depression

It’s not something she’s used to doing – looking through his phone – but John was taking forever in the bathroom. Picking the phone and looking into it is something she’d forever live to regret. “Thanks for romantic evening… missing you already”. At that very moment, she was not certain what exactly kept her body standing because in her mind, she had already gone into shock and slumped. Gently placing the phone back on the bed, she found her way back to her chair; her only source of comfort at that moment.

Time was suddenly frozen and nothing seemed to make sense. “What have I been doing wrong?”, she kept muttering under her breath. She was snapped back to reality when the shower was turned off in the bathroom. Like a stringed puppet, she raised her book back to its presumed position. For Susan, that was the longest night ever, especially because she couldn’t sleep, no matter how hard she tried.

Things she had naturally not taken into consideration suddenly began to make sense. Like fitting in missing puzzles, her seven years marriage to the man of her dreams was only a charade. There were just too many questions she needed answers to. Answers she knew she could only get from John. Knowing John for who he is, for he can convince a leopard to buy its own skin, she needed evidence; something he wouldn’t be able to talk his way out of.

Looking For The Best Private Investigator Within Her Locality

After months of living in denial and depression, she finally summoned courage to hire a private investigator. Susan combed the internet looking for the best private investigator within her locality. She needed someone she could get access to easily without any suspicion from John. She was in luck as there was one with an office few streets away from her workplace. For this to be discreet, she thought, ‘I would have to make a budget that wouldn’t raise suspicion from John’.

She finally met up with the private investigator and explained exactly what she was going through and her suspicions. She quickly added she had a very limited budget and would like to know how much it would cost the private investigator to help her. As a professional private investigator, he listed out services he could offer at that price and those that could be side-lined. After the 90 minutes conversation with the private investigator, Susan felt at ease – something she has not felt for the past months.