There are some cases that require the expertise of the private detectives to be solved. We have some of the best and well experienced private investigators in UK who handle cases of different magnitudes. We have also served clients from different regions and not just from the UK. Our services give the clients the value for their money since we deliver accurate results. Some clients have been asking us what factors to consider when they seek to hire a private investigator. Well, we are the professionals and we will guide you through what to consider.

Level Of Training

Private investigators have undergone training for a number of years in different institutions in UK. The detectives have not gone through the same training procedures. We always make sure that the private investigators in our agency have gone further with their training even after they have taken up the jobs. This can involve attending different seminars on private investigations and also taking up different degrees which are relevant. This is a sure way of boosting their experience and expertise so that they can deal with a wider range of cases.


Another factor that the clients consider when hiring the personal investigator is their availability. No one wants to hire a detective that will not be available to do the investigation. Availability mostly means that number of hours that the private detective can take up the job. There are some jobs that require the private investigator to always be on the job such as cases with surveillance. We have a large number of experienced private detectives that believe in team work and thus work on more hours on cases brought by the clients.


Price is always one of the major factors that the clients consider when they are seeking our services. The services vary depending on the case that you want to be solved. The price of the investigation is always stated to the client before the task begins. An invoice will be sent to the client so that they can decide whether they want to continue with the contract or not. The client can also negotiate on the price that has been stated. Our private investigators deliver exemplary services to give you value for your money.

Billing Methods

The means which way you are going to pay the private detectives is one sure thing that you need to consider before you decide to hire one. There are different methods that the clients can use such as PayPal, debit and credit cards. The client is always informed of the available means before they can hire so that they are not inconvenienced in terms of payments. It is also advisable that you request for receipts once you have made payments to the personal detective. Private investigation companies use methods that suit them in terms of payments.

Success Rate Of The Private Detective

When hiring private investigators, always make sure that they have a higher success rate in the previous cases they have handled. You can ask for their records and assess for yourself so that you know whether you can trust them or not. Our private detectives have high success rates in the cases they have solved and this is because they are well trained and experienced.