If you are wondering whether you should hire a private investigator, you should first undertake research into the possible agencies and their policies and services. Since you most likely need to hire a private investigator to look into a sensitive matter (such as infidelity), it is important to find out the security policy of the organisation and the safeguards in place for billing protection. Make sure to call them up and ask prior to the consultation, or during, because the information found on a website may not be current. During the consultation, you also would likely be made aware of the investigations’ confidentiality policy, but if the private detective fails to mention it, make sure to ask – it will always be included in the service contract, and it is a very important aspect to know when hiring private investigators.

Availability For Hire

It is also important to decide whether to hire a local or a non-local private investigator. If you find a local firm, make sure to ask them about their private investigators’ availability for hire, and the range of their professional services offered. If they are unavailable, you might have to hire a non-local private detective, which might involve extra costs. However, a non-local national firm can conduct a wider investigation into the matter.

Costs To Employ A Private Detective

How much it costs to employ a private detective depends on the services offered by the agency, as well as the costs incurred during those services. The most popular services are background checks and surveillance. A cheap private detective would most likely do the most basic background check on a subject, so it is not a good idea to hire a cheap private investigator if you are looking for a thorough investigation. If the subject of the job is located abroad, make sure to check with the agency that they do international-based background checks, as well as national.


Surveillance is another service often requested by the UK pi’s clientele. During the process, a private investigator follows the subject, keeping tabs on them and recording them via a camera or a listening device. Surveillance can also be digital, which involves monitoring the subject’s digital activity. If your subject is not in the UK, make sure to confirm that the firm you are employing performs internationally-based surveillance, and be prepared to incur higher costs for travelling expenses.

Hiring a private investigator may seem expensive, especially if you take into account the additional expenses incurred, but it is important to remember that a seemingly cheap private detective might not perform the services as well as the one who charges their customers slightly more. A good, successful private investigator would have a lot of field experience and skills pertaining to the occupation, which is essentially what you are paying for. Also, in the private investigation business, various kinds of training are very important, because the training can help expand the clientele as new skills are acquired. If a private investigator charges more than you were hoping for, it usually means that he or she is very experienced and trained.