Many people are interested in becoming private investigators, especially those who like watching crime shows.

Physically And Mentally Healthy

However, on their great disappointment this is not a very simple profession and it requires a lot of effort. In addition candidates must meet certain criteria if they want to be able to work as private investigators. The primary thing is for the person to be physically and mentally healthy and be able to easily adapt to new situations. The individual should know how to react in stressful situations and be willing to take initiatives when needed. Private investigators must be able to work with little or no supervision and deliver great results.

Work Experience

We don’t require our future private investigators to have previous experience. However, it is always better if you have been working for the police in the past or serving the army. This is beneficial because people who have been in contact with crime before know how to act in certain situations and cope better with the challenges that this job brings.

Clean Record

Every private investigator needs to have a clean record if they want to become part of this industry. It won’t look good if somebody who has broken the law in the past is now trying to make others respect it.

Training Course

One of the main prerequisites for becoming a pi is taking the appropriate course. There are many agencies that offer a number of training courses which aim at helping you boost your skills and be able to use your knowledge on the field. The courses are different in length as they depend on the scope of skills they cover. Once you pass the course you will need to take a test to prove you have understood the training. If you pass the test you would be given a licence that allows you to work as a private investigator.


In order to be good at what you do, you need to have very good instinct, as that would be your strongest weapon that will guide you through your cases. You have to learn when to follow your instinct and how to act upon it. You have to be aware that there will be cases where your instinct would be wrong, but that is something that every private investigator needs to prepare for.

Tools And Equipment

Once you start building your career as a private investigator you would be able to gain on-site experience and see how things work in real life. There are many tools you would need to use during your daily activities, so you have to be focuses and learn to use them properly. Most of those tools will include certain equipment, so you need to be familiar with the development of the technology and follow the latest trends on the market. You will have to be fully dedicated to the work you do and try to solve every case at your earliest convenience. Becoming a private investigator can be challenge task but it will be worth it at the end.