In order to become a detective, a candidate needs to go through proper training and education. Including a lot of commercial and business related ideas. Ideally a detective should be reliable able to work under stress and pressure. Therefore, become a stable detective in England, a candidate needs to acquire training to handle stress, make quick decisions, and to efficiently use his kits.

Holds A License

Also, a well-trained and professional detective holds a license which permits him/her to conduct legal investigations. He is thereby given all rights to work on any detective related case.

Well Qualified

He/she should be well qualified to get hired as a normal person will check his/her qualification in the matter and his experience. Apart from the qualification, he/she must be well trained and equipped before working on a live case. The Services provided by a detective are supposed to be very risky and self destructive.

Well Trained

He should be a well trained member and should possess subject knowledge of law, crime prevention and forensic science. Any case out there and he should be able to research the facts gracefully. A good detective is one who knows his facts well.

In order to go through the training, the candidate should be thoroughly re-checked for the grounds of their knowledge. Any person with a bad past related to the law cannot be a part of the agency. It is legit that the lawful and mental soundness is made clear. The criminal record must be clear and sustained for use. A career in this field is a combination of interesting and risky work.

Knowledge Of Computers

Apart from the above mentioned expectations, an investigator is expected to have some knowledge of computers. This will enable a detective to navigate any electronics surveillance devices.

The next requirement from the list would be a desirable Open University degree. It becomes difficult for an investigative agency to place detectives into labels when it comes to the same. Thus a little ease would be that the candidate is from an open university.

Updated And Aware Of The Current Affairs

A good detective always knows his facts, thus, if the change in the news affects the surroundings of a client he is working for, it becomes compulsory for a detective to read available publications in order to keep himself updated and aware of the current affairs.


Lastly, a good detective should know what and when to speak. He is not only expected to know things but should be proficient enough to use that knowledge at the right time. A detective can also be expected to be exceptional in reading, writing and fluently speak several languages.

Although, detective’s work involves danger and risk. Despite the above facts and some of the uncertain circumstances detectives may face, becoming a detective can be very adventurous. In addition, becoming an excellent detective, comprise of a good knowledge background, experience in similar fields of work and an organised individual.